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We cannot express in words how rejuvenating the stay at cabin #6 was! We cannot wait to get back again. What really amazed us when we got here was the fact at how clean the place was, with all the little touches. BBQ, candles, firewood, paper towels, goes a long way to show that Tim and Peg want to offer the highest quality of service. Their friendliness is of course legendary stuff.
We were all sitting by the campfire yesterday night, each one of us had a twinge of regret that we have to go back to the humdrum of our daily urban life’s, leaving behind the peace here. We will carry the memory of this place in our hearts forever and make every endeavor to come back as soon as possible. Thanks a bunch for everything.
~ Your Friends, Bharahimkl, India

We came to Buckhorn for a much needed and well deserved getaway. When we walked into cabin #6 our mouths and jaws hung wide open. What a lovely place. The wood work of the log cabins, the “up north” furnishings and the large porch outside were all admired many time during our stay here. WE especially enjoyed spending time on the porch- both screened and unscreened areas. What wonderful surroundings – The lake trees, birds, loons, even hummingbirds were enjoyable to look at in the morning, afternoons and evenings, So relaxing and music to our ears. Such a change compared to the multitude of noise one hears near the cities.
Caribou Lake is so lovely. The clear waters, the call of the loons and seeing mama loon with her baby on her back each day we were here. The fishing was good . We had nice family moments reminiscing, laughing, playing games, and forming new memories to hold close and dear to our hearts. We had a truly relaxing, wonderful stay t Buckhorn on Caribou Lake Resort. We hope to make it here on an annual basis.
~ Thanks for providing this place for guests who appreciate it as much as we have.

Oooh la la - What a fabulous 4 days.! The "cabin" is the most North Woods accommodation I have ever seen. Thanks so much.
~ Sam and friends

We had a mixture of weather. Sun, rain, cool, and some beautiful, warm sunshine. We had a great time. We were 3 families- Grandma and Grandpa- Kids- and Grandkids. The kids loved the paddleboats, and the loon singing was beautiful. They had a really cool nest on the island. The lodge is beautiful and roomy, perfect for the north woods. And as always, it is so hard to leave.

Caribou lake, cabin #6, and Buckhorn are beautiful, loonful, quiet, and relaxing. We loved our time here. We are eight friends who have traveled the world, and are extremely picky. And this place definitely rate this place a 10!!! We love it here. Thank you!

This was our first trip (of hopefully many) to buckhorn. We have been to many resorts- but this log home put us to the top in terms of comfort and enjoyment. We basically enjoyed the peacefulness and nature. The trip was great for out teenage kids. Gave them time to relax and have loads of fun on the lake. My only wish is not to go home!!!!!!

What a marvelous week we had. The best: Just spending time with the family. Here are the wonderful things we did at this wonderful place:

  • cook outs
  • fishing, catching, and eating it to
  • picking raspberries and eating them….. mmmmm so delicious
  • playing cards late at night
  • hung out in the gorgeous place
  • saunas
  • watching the mama loon catch a sunny and feed it to her baby!!! WOW
  • paddle boat rides
  • searching for crayfish
  • watching the loon swim underwater about a foot from our dock!!!! ANOTHER WOW
  • reading while tanning on the dock
  • dinner on the deck
  • being with and by the blue sky, the clear shimmering water, the gorgeous animals, and the calm cool wind whispering in the tree tops
  • smore’s and fires
  • the call of the loons
  • the pitter patter of rain on the roof
  • and playing in the crystal cool lake
  • We definitely couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place. Thank you so much.

    Our first visit to buckhorn and we hit the jackpot!!! Without a doubt this is the nicest place we’ve ever stayed in!! We weren’t able to catch any fish but the whole experience of being here beat it all. The incredible views, crystal clear lake, and gorgeous weather…. We can’t wait to come back next year.

    Thanks for this great cabin! It was so spacious and fit our whole entire ski team. We had a great time cross country skiing and will definitely be back for more fun. Thanks again!!
    ~ CSB/SJU, Nordic Ski Team

    Our first trip to buckhorn was wonderful!! We had a relaxing family weekend. The boys did a lot of fishing. We went into Grand Rapids to shop once but other than that we played yard games and read. The cabin was very nice and had lots of room for us all. We are so excited to come back in the winter for some awesome snowmobiling. Thanks!

    Hooray!!!! Our sixth year and the years have been so much fun!! The memories made were the best and will always be treasured. Once again Lily and Eli seemed to join the family. We had so much fun swimming, tanning, playing pool, tubing and water skiing, hanging out, relaxing while reading, and having the time of our life. We thank you so much and can’t wait to see you all next year.
    ~ Love the Benj group!!

    As we pack up to leave, I think back to this wonderful weekend that is just ending. I promised I would be back and I kept my promise. This time I brought my family with. I dragged my parents, my sister and her 2 boys, and my romantic interest and his sons from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I don’t think we could have picked a better weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect for fall and the leaves were at peak color. Simply breathtaking to see the cabins charm leaves a person speechless and that was what happened when everyone first drove in here to park. Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts.

    Call 1-218-256-0089 or email peg@bigloglodge.com for room availability & reservations!

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